Recruitment / looking for new member.

Thursday, 23 June 2011 | |

It's time for KKPHOT088 to renew it's group.

We are looking for New Member who loves to take all kind of photo.

Please send your work or your interests at flanegan[at] with "KKPHOTO88 Recruit" as Subject.

When KKPHOTO88 have enough member this blog will become archives and the new KKPHOTO88 will build a new Online Gallery website and more.

Are we back? *finger cross*

Friday, 11 February 2011 | |

Oh My God! It's 2011 already and KKPHOTO88 has been away for 1 and half year.
What happen?

Well, we are actually not abandoned this idea just that the founder itself having difficulty with personal reason and Now he is back for more!

But one think that I hope all the previous member of KKPHOTO88 join back because finally there's a place for them to show their work.

Will update more soon!

What does Photography means to Saiful Rizan

Monday, 19 October 2009 | |

"Photography is a medium for me to connect to my subject. If I failed to make the picture, I failed to make a connection"

-Saiful Rizan-

What does Photography means to Yipi Lai

Sunday, 18 October 2009 | |

i think i'm going to be honest, photography is one thing to prove to those who looked down to me before, and photography is a force that kept me going, moving forward to a life for my own. and in the same time, my works can be shown to others, to acknowledge my existence. and share my feelings.

- Yipi Lai-

What Does Photography means to you? by Ah Chai.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009 | |

What does Photography means to you?

What it means to me is that… (1.) I’m Still Alive and still able to think “straight” (2.) It gives me the options on how/what to think. That is, before and after an “event” rather then to think what “people want”.

It’s about all the things that happened in my life, which makes my style of photography inconsistent and slowly evolve thru the years.

Can we recognize a good subject? composition?..etc. Certainly is about the development on how you “SEE”, it’s good to practice to “SEE” even without a camera in hand. But how about other people (that is not into Photography)? that so-called “ungifted eyes” but have the heart in Photography?

The important Question here… Do they willing to accept Photography as what it means to you?

- Charles William Gedius

Update from the Members.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009 | |

Just to let everyone knows that there will be no more new members for KK Photo 88 for a moment and will discuss about future project and hopefully will gather the whole member's work to promote their photography style in a gallery exhibition or perhaps in a cafe?

Anyway here's some update from the member what are they currently doing :

Saiful Rizan

Niq Azraei

Flanegan Bainon

Fahad Nasir

Charles William Gedius

Yipi Lai

Yeen Uzair

Yipi Lai

Friday, 8 May 2009 | |

Yipi Lai from Penampang, is a photography student at SEGi College mainly focus on Portraiture and Street Photography.

Most of his influence are come from a various movie in cinematic sense. His images with in-depth colour and also potrays the current nonstop movement of life and have a very keen eye with people's emotion.
He is currently in his final year to complete his Photography Diploma in SEGi College.

His current work :

For more of his work you can visit his photoblog at or check out his portfolio at